Ecopsychological Inspiration & Practices: Waste as Food; Death Serving Life

In the video below, Dennis shares a practice and expresses his gratitude for EPI community members who continue to inspire him with language, imagery and practices. In an example of Psychological Biomimicry, someone recently spoke of the importance of death, loss, and change for regenerating life. Another talked about the permaculture principle of ‘waste as food’. Each of these dovetailed nicely with already existing principles from EPI”s Psychological Biomimicry Tool Kit, and also contributed wonderful descriptors and imagery.

Here is an ecopsychological practice for healing and change:

EcoPyschology Inspiration Practice

Think of something in your life that wants to change, something that wants to be transformed – maybe a type of ending, death or loss. This might be a behavior, relationship, or way of thinking that no longer serves you. Then, consider how this shift can be in service to your life in some way, a psychological form of health and sustenance.

When you ponder what wants to change, notice the first impulses, the initial energy you bring towards the action. Are there any psychological inklings of harshness, divisiveness, good and bad, right and wrong, shoulds and shouldn’t; is there judgment, anger or fear? If so, try approaching this change with the intention and story that it is a form of ‘food’ and nourishment. By approaching the actions with reverence and respect, gratitude, and open-heartedness it helps avoid further cycles of separation and negativity.

Whatever the change is, even if it’s unhealthy and problematic, it can be a type of food that can be metabolized and composted into the sustenance of life from which we get more regenerated and move more towards health, healing and vibrancy.

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