The Time for Ecopsychology Is Now

I remember when I started this organization a couple of years ago, a dear mentor of mine said to me, “Dennis, I’m really excited for you and your project, I think the timing is great, and I think you’re gonna find that people in the coming years really recognize and embrace how pertinent ecopsychology is for our world.”

He was right. In the last couple of years, people are realizing that combining the principles of nature and psychology can provide the healing and regenerative solutions that we are wanting for our most pressing issues and goals, individually, collectively, and planetary.

Ecopsychology and its applicability and benefit goes even beyond what we might have been thinking about. Right now, we’re at an inflection point where we can learn very important lessons and wisdom from this pandemic and apply it not only to the ways that we’re living our lives individually, but on much broader, more systemic and collective levels. This virus has demonstrated the lack of sustainability and real viability for us, and the need for deep change on real systemic and structural levels of all of our societies.

Psychological biomimicry – learning from principles, qualities, the teachings that we find in the natural world and psychologically applying them to the ways that we organize, engage and lead our lives – has something to offer here. Nature exists in and thrives under similar circumstances that we do. The natural world and its ecosystems, they’re characterized by interconnectedness, complexity, uncertainty, as well as change.

Our planet can be an inspiration we turn to. Now is an opportunity to learn from the natural world, to see how it survives and heals, evolves and grows. Bringing this wisdom into our lives, communities and institutions can enable us to become more viable, and healthy. It starts by looking, listening and learning.

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