The Answer to our Societal Problems lies in Nature

It would be nice if there were one medicine for all of the world’s difficulties. Especially these days.

We’re facing deeply concerning issues on the societal, political, environmental, economic, spiritual, and individual levels.

Communities are struggling to be vibrant and healthy, organizations and small businesses face unprecedented challenges, individuals are increasingly fearful and angry—the list goes on. The need for a widely effective and simple solution seems more urgent than ever.

Our problems are systemic, with many contextual and interacting parts. The automation and mechanization that helped humans develop and evolve fails to address these contemporary challenges. Our simplistic and reductionist approach exacerbates (rather than solves) the issues we face.

To succeed and move forward, we need systemic solutions that tackle issues holistically. We need to address relationships, psychology, behaviors, emotions, culture, and the very way we think.

While it isn’t a magic pill, a solution actually does exist and it’s applicable at all levels of our current difficulties. That solution is held within the intersection of nature and psychology.

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