Ten Principles for Transformative Impact:
An EcoPsychological Guide

Optimize Engagement, Effectiveness and Empowerment

Discover how to live harmoniously with the planet while increasing the benefit to yourself personally and the world around you
Learn a set of Ecopyschological Principles that you can apply to any situation to improve relationships, work, community engagement and inner life
Boost healing and health, resilience and leadership, efficiency and effectiveness using the principles of the natural world

Imagine living in a manner that positively impacts both yourself and the world around you. Imagine experiencing greater harmony and health while increasing your effectiveness engaging the world.

This empowered, engaged and regenerative life is possible. Psychologically adopting and living according to nature’s tenets allows you to most successfully navigate the complex, uncertain, ever-changing and interconnected planet on which we live. The Ecopsychology Initiative’s distinct Ten Principles are applicable to all areas of your life and provide an insightful lens for understanding dynamics and problems while also identifying strategies that build upon strengths, address weaknesses and provide a path toward your aspirations.

Explore this empowered way of engaging your life. Psychologically apply the Ten Principles, derived from the time-tested teachings of the natural world.

Positively impact all areas of your life, from personal and professional growth to relational and community involvement. Taught by Dennis Kiley, founder and president of the EcoPsychology Initiative, this five-module class explores each of the principles and how to apply them to your life for tangible and enduring results. Each module will consist of live (and recorded) webinars, class notes, resources and optional practices. During each webinar, there will be lectures, group discussions and time for Q&A. The class will allow you to participate and take to the depth that you’re wanting and able.
Ten Principles are at the heart of the EcoPsychology Initiative. They characterize the most core and successful aspects of the natural world while also offering practical and psychological benefits for any human system–from an individual and family to an organization and community. Each principle is both a goal and strategy for success on its own; collectively integrated into your life, they map a path to greater harmony and health, resilience and innovation, efficiency and leadership.

The principles are: communication, adaptation, teamwork, diversity, ‘both and’, creativity, patterns, edges, decentralization, and relationships.

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Given the state of the planet, better ways of engaging with the world are needed. For too long we’ve been fighting against nature. It’s causing many of the individual, collective and planetary struggles we face.

Now it’s time for something different: psychologically adopting and living according to nature’s principle. This course shows you how to live in this timeless way that fosters health, healing, leadership and positive impact for yourself and the world.

Move through life as an agent of transformation –

For yourself and the planet.
Are you curious how to live according to nature’s principles to increase health, harmony and resilience?
Are you interested in an ecopsychological perspective on effective engagement personally and professionally, relationally and communally?
Ten Principles will empower you with an insightful lens for understanding dynamics and challenges, while identifying strategies that build strengths, addresses weaknesses and meet your aspirations.

About The Instructor:

Dennis Kiley is the founder and president of the EcoPsychology Initiative. He has an extensive experience consulting and coaching individuals to help them realize their potential. His work with organizations, businesses and communities provides unique insight into common dynamics, problems and keys to success. He lives on the coast of Maine with his family surrounded by the mountains, woods and waters of Acadia National Park.


Module I:
Relationships + “Both And”
September 15th, 2019

Module II:
Communication + Diversity
September 22nd, 2019

Module III:
Patterns and Edges
September 29th, 2019

Module IV:
Creativity and Decentralization
October 6th, 2019

Module V:
Teamwork and Adaptation
Octover 13th, 2019

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