Deep Roots for Big Storms:

Cultivating Resilience

Weather uncertainty and adversity. Discover an ecopsychological path for cultivating resilience.

Learn the wisdom nature offers for being more resilient, and how to psychologically apply this to your life now.
Become more empowered with simple and impactful practices, principles and skills.
Connect with a community of like-minded peers from which you will find greater stores of inspiration and support.

We are facing turbulent times. Politics and pandemics, climate change and inequalities are mounting, along with personal challenges and daily stressors. These times of uncertainty and adversity call us to be more resilient.

This online course will provide you with teachings and practices, strategies and skills-found at the intersection of psychology and nature- that draw upon cutting edge theory and emergent approaches. These principles can be meaningfully applied to all areas of your life, from personal well-being and relationships to work and community engagement.

Many people think of resilience as an outcome. What they miss is that it is an experience only made possible as a result of continued choices and actions. It is more fruitful for us to think of resilience as a practice and skill that we can cultivate. You don’t necessarily have to work harder, just smarter. This course will empower you with the most practical and effective ways to generate inner strength and flexibility.
To accommodate your unique schedule while also supporting the power of shared learning and community, this course is self-guided with opportunities for live participation. Live sessions are recorded so you can engage at your own pace. Webinars include live lectures, group discussion, Q&A and reflections. You will also receive class resources, including readings and practices, to deepen your learning.
Receive Full 3-Part Training for $47
$39 Early Bird Pricing through Nov 15th

Engaging. Empowering. Experiential.

Learn from the most resilient teacher there is-

Our planet’s ecosystems and organisms have been refining and proving how to be resilient since the beginning of time. Ecopsychology observes and learns from this wisdom, and teaches people how to psychologically apply this into the human world.  When you integrate the Earth’s timeless principles and lessons, you become more rooted and adaptable.

There is an increasing body of research about what makes people most psychologically resilient.

We take this knowledge and integrate it with nature’s teachings and lessons. This ecopsychological guide to resilience is unique, timeless and transformative.

About The Instructor:

Dennis Kiley is the founder of the EcoPsychology Initiative (EPI), where he teaches, consults, and offers trainings. This work is informed by his background as a psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher, outdoor educator, consultant and group facilitator. He finds inspiration from nature to educate and empower thriving for people and the planet. Dennis lives on the coast of Maine with his family, surrounded by the mountains, woods and waters of Acadia National Park. Dennis is one of the founders and ongoing executive committee board member of A Climate To Thrive, an organization committed to making all of Mount Desert Island energy independent by 2030.
“I highly recommend the work of Dennis Kiley and EcoPsychology Initiative! I took a training recently on climate stress and eco-grief, and it was exceptional.” -Pegi Eyers
“Dennis, thanks for an informative, inspiring class. Your facilitation style creates a warm, supportive platform for authentic sharing. Your gifts are honored and appreciated.” -Patty Gomez-Gillard


Module I:
Why We Need Resilience
Learn why resilience is important, what impedes your efforts, and how to be more effective.

Module II:
Principles and Practices
Put theory and ecopsychological principles into action.

Module III:
Lessons To Remember
Core ecopsychological teachings to continually come back to.

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Experiential. Educational. Engaging.
Includes 3-Part Training.
Early Bird Pricing Through Nov 15th.

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FAQs and Scholarship Opportunities

1. Why a Resilience Training?

Across the globe, individuals, communities and organizations are facing unprecedented challenges. The future looks just as uncertain. Now more than ever we need to cultivate greater resilience. Ecopsychology has a pivotal role to play in generating the very adaptability and rootedness we need to weather life’s winds and waves.

This training provides you a robust tool kit you can draw upon to remain strong, open and engaged regardless of what is happening around you. Using our unique curriculum, you will become more resilient, capable of not only navigating adversity but thriving within it.

2. What can I expect to get out of this, what’s the value to me?

This training is designed to empower you with the practices, qualities and skills needed to cultivate greater resilience. These principles are flexible and easy to integrate into your life, while also proven to generate meaningful results. The core tenets of this program can be applied across many disciplines, from our inner life and relationships to work and community engagement.


  • All our curriculum is found at the intersection of nature and psychology. The content integrates the timeless wisdom of the Earth with current resilience research, theory and practices.
  • In each of the three modules, you will receive informative lectures, accompanying notes, reflections, practice exercises, and additional resources.
  • Each module will also include live, interactive webinars from which you can learn from and connect with fellow course participants.
5. Who is this suited for?

The focus of this training is providing practical and meaningful information that is easy to apply across diverse circumstances. This training is therefore suitable for anyone who seeks to empower themselves with greater knowledge and strategies for becoming more resilient, regardless of whether you just want to apply this to your personal life or also to your community or workplace.

The training begins in late Fall and will last about six weeks. Each module will last approximately two weeks; at the start of each module  you will receive a pre-recorded and downloadable lecture based on the content for that section.  These recordings will be approximately an hour. Additionally, you will also receive lecture notes, reading resources and optional practices and reflections. Because this class is self-paced, you can engage with this material when you have time and interest.

Before the class starts, all registrants will be asked to complete a poll of dates and times they can attend live webinars (provided they are interested). Based on the times that work for the largest number of people, we will schedule our biweekly, live webinars. These will be optional, and also recorded and shared for those who can’t attend. These webinars will last between an hour and a half and two hours.

8. What’s the Cost; is there a scholarship?

We offer an early registration–through the middle of November–for a discounted price of $39.

Additionally, there is scholarship available for those who need it. Please email us for more information.