Resilience in an Ever-Changing World

Harness your inner power and knowing to transform your inner and outer worlds.

Discover how to enhance your capacity to be more resilient in the face of life’s challenges, to transform limitations, and maximize your ability to make an impact in your life and work
Learn transformative ideas, skills and practices nature, psychology, organizational leadership and other wisdom traditions that create resiliency in your life
Develop better understandings of yourself–how you flourish and flounder–in different environments, what to do when shit goes down, and how to harness your inner power

We all live in a complex and ever-changing world. Daily we are faced with experiences that remind us of the best and worst of humanity, that can bring out the best and most unhealthy aspects of ourselves.

Navigating our lives-from our alone time to our relationships, work and community engagement-isn’t easy. It can often feel incredibly difficult to get by, let alone thrive. Innately, we all want something more and better.

This unique and exciting collaboration between Follow The Sun and the EcoPsychology Initiative will provide you with innovative ideas, strategies, skills and practices you can use to optimize how you engage the world.

Essential to resilience is the ability to adapt and transform. The focus and commitment of this class empowering you to do this. Through individual learning, processing and practice, we assist you to meaningfully change ingrained patterns/habits. In particular, we will support you identifying and transforming limiting beliefs and behaviors. Each of our three modules- Planting The Seeds, Cultivating The Soil, and Blossoming-is designed to guide you through this process, from insight to actualization.
We are intentionally keeping the class size small so you receive personalized attention. Additionally, the small group setting allows for shared learning, connecting and supporting each other. This is immeasurable benefit of the program. Modules will be designed to be informative, interactive and experiential, while assignments between give you the chance to deepen into the work.
Receive all 3 Modules for $120
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Given the state of the planet, better ways of engaging with the world are needed. For too long we’ve been fighting against nature. It’s causing many of the individual, collective and planetary struggles we face.

Now it’s time for something different: psychologically adopting and living according to nature’s principle. This course shows you how to live in this timeless way that fosters health, healing, leadership and positive impact for yourself and the world.

Move through life as an agent of transformation –

For yourself and the planet.
Are you curious about transformative ideas, skills and practices that create resiliency in your life?
Are you interested in building awareness around triggers and limiting belief patterns?
Discover simple psychological and lifestyle changes that will empower you to meaningfully enhance your health/well-being.
Be a part shared learning and connection with a focus on humanity.

About The Instructors:

Dennis Kiley is president of the EcoPsychology Initiative, which applies the principles of nature and psychology to help individuals and organizations come up with healing and regenerative solutions for people and the planet. Dennis and EPI offer classes, trainings and consultations on a wide range of core content He lives on the coast of Maine with his family surrounded by the mountains, woods and waters of Acadia National Park.



Module I:
Planting The Seeds
March 15th, 2020

Module II:
Cultivating The Soil
March 22nd, 2020

Module III:
March 29th, 2020

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Early registration price
$120.00 after February 1st. Includes all 3 modules.