Regenerative Psychology

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been hearing the word regeneration more and more lately. And I’m really excited because it’s inherently an ecopsychological term. The natural world epitomizes regeneration in all things that it does.

There are even people discussing the need for more regenerative cultures. ? I couldn’t agree with this more. It’s a critically important subject. If we want regenerative cultures that are conducive to healing and health, thriving and resilience, then we actually need to go deeper.

We must create regenerative psychologies that permeate how we live: our work, our leadership, our community engagement, and how we interact with the planet. This is an opportunity (and an example of Psychological Biomimicry) to look to the natural world, its principles, processes, and key lessons that enable the planet to be so regenerative – and then psychologically apply these into the ways that we think, act and feel.

We can create regenerative psychologies and cultures using the natural world as our inspiration. The natural world can teach us important psychological lessons for how we can be more regenerative in all things that we do. 

As always, Nature knows the way.

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