Ecotherapy Training


Ecotherapy Training: Harness The Therapeutic Power of Nature

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Develop greater confidence and capacity to uniquely apply ecotherapy to your life and work
During this class and upon completion, you will gain the understanding and abilities you need to either begin incorporating nature into your work, or take your existing vocation to the next level. You’ll come away with cutting-edge research, skills, practices, theories and insights. These draw from fields like Forest Bathing, Ecotherapy and Ecopsychology, and deliver a comprehensive training that can be easily applied for optimal impact.

Turn your passion and purpose into a profession. Develop a diverse ecotherapy tool kit that you can easily and authentically adapt to the needs of your clients and students.

“I have participated in two interactive webinar learning experiences hosted by Dennis and EPI. I am loving the community that has been and is generated by such experiences, as well as Dennis’ generosity, wisdom and gentleness in his style of teaching/sharing. The Learning Modules are great value and accessible for people from all walks of life with an interest in applying nature’s wisdom to our lives. I have walked away more enriched both personally and professionally, with lots of ideas on how to apply the ideas to my social work and counselling practice. Join up, get on line, and be part of the conversation, for the benefit of people and the planet!” -Lucy V.S., Eco-therapist
“As an enthusiastic but clueless newbie, the Ecotherapy training course from EcoPsychology Initiative was transformational for me. Dennis created wonderful virtual spaces for sharing and connection, the other participants were awesome and I now feel able to share my nature mindfulness activities with others using the wise techniques from Dennis and the other attendees. A huge thank you to everyone involved!” -Mel C., Sustainability & Wellbeing Researcher, Nature Mindfulness Guide
“I can’t tell you in words just how fulfilling I found the ecotherapy class. Was lucky to have found the Ecopsychology Initiative when I did. My career is still in its sapling stage, but it was so affirming to be among like-minded people: to for a couple hours twice a month be part of a community that ‘gets’ it.” -Corey R.
“I want to thank you one more time for your incredible courses. Both have been not only inspiring but also very enriching. Learning about ecopsychology with EPI has been really amazing and I think I have been able to apply the principles to my work and myself. I really think I’ve changed my perspective regarding my clients and also myself (obviously in a better way).” -Marina P.