Climate Psychology Training


Climate Psychology Training: A Tool Kit for the Inner and Outer Work of Climate Change

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Climate Psychology Training: A Tool Kit for the Inner and Outer Work of Climate Change

Empower yourself with ecopsychological resources for resilience and healing, leadership and positive change

Includes all 7 modules + Bonus module.

This training will provide you with an adaptable and diverse psychological tool kit to answer various climate questions of why is this happening, what to do about mental health, and how best to communicate, engage, and strategize.
The psychology of climate change is like a complex web. It ranges from root causes and emotional impacts to difficulties planning and organizing, sustaining engagement and avoiding burnout. This training is designed to be an uplifting and empowering remedy for these challenges. In accessible ways, this training delivers a comprehensive curriculum that draws upon current knowledge from various fields of psychology including: counseling, leadership, climate, resilience, and psychological biomimicry. You will receive simple insights, practices and strategies that you can apply to your inner and outer environments for healing, resilience and change.