Organizations As Ecosystems

Chances are you’re going through seasonal changes, whether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere. Right now, I am in the midst of autumn in the northeast United States, which often means brilliant light to start and end our days. The wind providing a backdrop and soundtrack to many of our moments. Leaves turning stunning colors and then falling to the ground, leaving bare branches as part of seasonal changes.

You may notice a shift in our focus as we emphasize more of the work EcoPsychology Initiatives does with groups and organizations. It may surprise you that we’ve been offering programs for organizations, businesses and community groups for many years given that we have shared mostly about our individual programming.

We’re excited to share with you what ecopsychology can offer organizations and communities, how it can benefit their thriving and prosperity, and serve the health and healing of our planet. Individuals have a critical role to play in the healing and the change that is needed. But, our larger goals for our world are harder to realize unless businesses, institutions, nonprofits and community groups integrate ecopsychology and live aligned with the principles of the planet.

So, we look forward to educating, empowering, and inspiring you about how you can bring ecopsychology into the organizations and communities you’re a part of to nurture the transformation, resilience, regeneration, health and growth that we so desperately need.

To kick off this seasonal emphasis, we have an upcoming Fireside Chat devoted to how organizations are ecosystems. Literally and symbolically, organizations are types of living systems, whether they are large businesses or small non-profits, and regardless of the scope of work. The more we can align culture, operations and leadership with the principles of ecosystems the better. The better outcomes happen for the organization, as well as our planet and all the people involved. Our Fireside Chat is working to empower each of you with the necessary knowledge to catalyze these meaningful changes.

EPI’s upcoming Fireside Chat is on Tuesday, October 25th at 8:00 PM ET. We look forward to bringing the community together to discuss, share, listen, and explore how ecopsychology and the lens of ecosystems can benefit any type of group. We hope you’ll be interested in joining us. You can register by sending us an email or going to our website.

Keep your eyes and ears open in the coming months to learn more about what the EcoPsychology Initiative specifically offers for organizations and what ecopsychology generally can contribute to the ecosystems that we all are part of and affected by. ‘Nature knows the way’ isn’t just applicable to individuals. It’s for all types of groups, institutions, communities and organizations

In the meantime, may you be enjoying this season. I send my very best wishes, as always, Nature knows the way.

Ecopsycholgical Fireside Chats: Education, Meaningful Engagement and Community

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