Nature-Inspired Spirituality:

Timeless Wisdom For Present Times

Sacred Ecological Teachings for more harmonious, loving and engaged lives.

Learn how nature complements and enhances your existing spiritual path.
Develop a more heart-felt and meaningful connection with yourself, others and the planet.
Understand how to minimize your own suffering and that in the world around you around you.
In times of profound uncertainty, many of us are feeling shaken and searching for ways to make sense of and engage the world. To cultivate the healing and regeneration we want for ourselves and the planet, we must look to nature. The Earth’s sacred wisdom offers the path to deeper connection, purpose and open-heartedness by transforming us from ego to eco consciousness.

“Nature-Inspired Spirituality” offers the nourishment and support you need to navigate life’s waves of shadow and adversity. You will become like the tree in the woods, growing and rising to the light.

Drawing upon nature’s teachings and experiences, you will find your spiritual life enriched and revitalized. The practices, insights and principles found from the pollination of spirituality and nature will complement any background or beliefs you have. We help you practically and seamlessly weave this wisdom and ecopsiritual lessons into your life. Taking this class will nurture your spiritual roots while propelling you to further blossoming and emergence.
To accommodate your unique schedule while also supporting the power of shared learning and community, this course is self-guided with opportunities for live participation. Live sessions are recorded so you can engage at your own pace. Webinars include live lectures, group discussion, Q&A and reflections. You will also receive class resources, including readings and practices, to deepen your learning.
Receive Full 4-Part Course for $60
$49 Early Bird Pricing through Feb 28th

Uplifting. Engaging. Heart-centered.

The Earth has answers, shows and provides what we need.

On a planet full of suffering, nature offers paths to deeper engagement and change, for ourselves and the world. The wisdom of the planet holds keys to lives of greater connection, presence and open-heartedness.

Why this course is for you:

Every plant has different needs for growth, thriving and blossoming. Similarly, every plant is susceptible to disease, predators and adversity. It’s essential to know what enables each plant to flourish and what will impede this actualization. This course helps you come into this self-realization for your life, for what you need to spiritually thrive and prosper. Whether it’s needs for rooting, healing, growing or blooming, you will emerge from this course with all you need to tend to your life.

About The Instructor:

Dennis Kiley is the founder of the EcoPsychology Initiative (EPI), where he teaches, consults, and offers trainings. This work is informed by his background as a psychotherapist, yoga and mindfulness teacher, outdoor educator, group facilitator and retreat leader. He continually finds inspiration from the teachings and experiences of the natural world, and is passionate about engaging with others about the intersection of nature and spirituality. Dennis lives on the coast of Maine with his family, surrounded by the mountains, woods and waters of Acadia National Park. Dennis is also one of the founders and ongoing executive committee board member of A Climate To Thrive, an organization committed to making all of Mount Desert Island energy independent by 2030.
“I highly recommend the work of Dennis Kiley and EcoPsychology Initiative! I took a training recently on climate stress and eco-grief, and it was exceptional.” -Pegi Eyers
“Dennis, thanks for an informative, inspiring class. Your facilitation style creates a warm, supportive platform for authentic sharing. Your gifts are honored and appreciated.” -Patty Gomez-Gillard


Module I:
True Nature: Eco-Consciousness
Learn not only our True Nature and how to live from it, but also what causes our suffering and struggle. This is essential as we try to avoid the hardships of life and live more consciously.

Module II:
Ecospiritual Teachings
Discover core teachings that are most pertinent to spiritual living.

Module III:
A core spiritual thread of all traditions, learn how you can serve other people, the planet and yourself by coming closer to the Earth.

Module IV:
Ecospiritual Life & Practice
Open to qualities and experiences that are essential for spiritual living.

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Uplifting. Engaging. Heart-centered.
Includes 4-Part Course.
Early Bird Pricing Through February 28th.

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FAQs and Scholarship Opportunities

1. Why the Nature-inspired Spirituality Course?

The timing and need for this is vital right now. Around and within us is the call to wake up. Innate in each of us, is the call to actualize and blossom into our fullest self just like the plants and trees around us. Furthermore, in light of what is happening in the world around us, there is increasing urgency that we wake up as a society. The health of the planet continues to suffer, there is increasing alarm and concern what is happening politically, socially and economically. It is time to heal and grow individually and collectively. Nature-Inspired Spiritually is designed to exactly address these needs.

2. What can I expect to get out of this, what’s the value to me?

This course guides you towards a place of deeper connection, presence and open-heartedness. These are the very things needed to be spiritually awake in the world today, where there is increasing disconnection and disturbance.

Like a tree, our spiritual lives call us to root down, emerge and blossom. With our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits – with all our fellow kin on this planet. Navigating light and shadow are always part of this process. Never more so than now, in our tumultuous times. Spiritual life and practice calls on us to actively engage our internal and external environments from a place of connection and conviction, peacefulness and presence, strength and service. Nature-Inspired-Spirituality offers nourishment and support for this journey.

3. Why a Ecospychology Initiative program?

All our curriculum is found at the intersection of nature and psychology. The content integrates the timeless wisdom of the Earth with current resilience research, theory and practices.

In each of the four modules, you will receive informative lectures, accompanying notes, reflections, practice exercises, and additional resources.

Each module will include recorded live, interactive webinars from which you can learn from and connect with fellow course participants. This is an optional, but highly popular part of EPI programming.

5. Who is this suited for?

The focus of this training is providing practical and meaningful information that is easy to apply across diverse circumstances. This training is therefore suitable for anyone who wants practices to live by daily, reflections and lessons when you’ve lost your way, and principles that simultaneously guide healing and growth.

The training begins in late Winter and will last about eight weeks. Each module will last approximately two weeks; at the start of each module  you will receive a pre-recorded and downloadable lecture based on the content for that section.  These recordings will be approximately an hour. Additionally, you will also receive lecture notes, reading resources and optional practices and reflections. Because this class is self-paced, you can engage with this material when you have time and interest.

Before the class starts, all registrants will be asked to complete a poll of dates and times they can attend live webinars (provided they are interested). Based on the times that work for the largest number of people, we will schedule our biweekly, live webinars. These will be optional, and also recorded and shared for those who can’t attend. These webinars will last between an hour and a half and two hours.

8. Is there a scholarship?

We are offering this program for $60 and an early registration offer–through the end of February–for a discounted price of $49.

Additionally, there is scholarship available for those who need it. Please email us for more information.