Mending the Divides: Healing for People & Planet

Cultivate healing in your life, and the communities and environments around you with the wisdom of ecopsychology.

Discover transformative principles and practices to heal the sources of suffering in our hearts and psyches
Learn strategies to mend the disconnections between people and nature
Develop better understanding for how to bridge the divides that pervade our communities, countries and culture

The traces of brokenness and division are everywhere. The wounding and pain is real.

It is environmental and social, psychological and political, environmental and economic, internal and external. Hopelessness and disillusion aren’t productive paths forward. Learn how to open your hearts to a new path, one healing and regenerative.

This online class will provide you with innovative ideas, strategies, skills and practices. Drawing on knowledge from nature, psychology and other wisdom traditions, you will be ready to cultivate healing in your life, and the communities and environments around you.

This program’s curriculum is designed to empower you with insights for understanding and strategies for action. Each of three modules focuses on applying ecopsychology to your life. To accommodate your unique schedule, while also promoting the power of shared learning and community, this course is self-guided with opportunities for live participation. Pre-recorded, downloadable lectures will be sent out to engage at your own pace. Additionally, there will be three optional live webinars with group discussion, Q&A and reflections. You will also receive class resources, including readings and practices, to deepen your learning.
“Not only did we look at the ways of nature and principles and processes that have allowed the natural world to thrive but how these processes can be tremendously helpful in our own personal lives. In addition, we as class members, formed a caring group, a sangha, able to share our own perspectives and concerns in a space that allowed for honesty and vulnerability and we created real friendships. There was much to learn and I would gladly take this class again.” – John Craigo, MPT
Receive all 3 Modules for $47
Early registration price is $39 through April 19th

Transformative. Experiential. Empowering.

You need only open your eyes–to say nothing of turning to the internet–to know about the suffering occurring on our planet.

Feeling into your heart tells you the pain inside of you is real as well. We have a deep need for healing.

The wisdom of Ecopsychology will empower you to be a remedy for change –

Within and around you.

About The Instructor:

Dennis Kiley is the founder of the EcoPsychology Initiative (EPI), where he teaches, consults, and offers trainings. This work is informed by his background as a psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher, outdoor educator, consultant and group facilitator. He is committed to using nature to educate, empower and inspire thriving for people and the planet. Dennis lives on the coast of Maine with his family, surrounded by the mountains, woods and waters of Acadia National Park. Dennis is one of the founders and ongoing executive committee board member of A Climate To Thrive, an organization committed to making all of Mount Desert Island energy independent by 2030.


Module I:
Separation vs. Connection

Module II:
Principles and Practices

Module III:

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Early registration price
Experiential. Educational. Engaging.
$47.00 after April 19th. Includes all 3 modules.


FAQs and Scholarship Opportunities

1. Why the Mending the Divides: Healing for People and the Planet Class?

The need for healing-individually, collectively and planetarily- was present well before Covid-19. This current pandemic has only put into clear focus the need for change. This program is designed to empower you with timeless wisdom you can practically apply to your life, whether your goal is navigating Coronavirus, addressing climate change, improving relationships, or healing an internal, psychological wound.

2. What can I expect to get out of this, what’s the value to me?

The focus of this class is providing you with practical insights for understanding and strategies for actions. Each of the three modules is designed to help you apply ecopsychology to your life. The goal is for you to emerge from the class feeling more informed, empowered and inspired to bring healing and change to your life and the world around you. We have a number of ways to optimize learning:

  • To accommodate your unique schedule this course is self-guided with pre-recorded, downloadable lectures that you can engage with at your own pace
  • In addition to lectures, you will also receive class notes, practices and reflections, and complementary readings
  • The power of shared learning and connection with others is meaningful. In an effort to foster this, we will be offering three live webinars with Q&A, discussion and sharing. The schedule for these will be determined-from a poll of registrants-based on what works best for people. These webinars will be recorded and shared with everyone later

The class begins in May. Once it begins, you will receive a pre-recorded and downloadable lecture once per week for three weeks based on the different modules.  These recordings will be approximately an hour. Additionally, you will also receive lecture notes, reading resources and optional practices and reflections. Because this class is self-paced, you can engage with this material when you have time and interest.

Before the class starts, all registrants will be asked to complete a poll of dates and times they can attend live webinars (provided they are interested). Based on the times that work for the largest number of people, we will schedule a live webinar for each week. This will be optional, and also recorded and shared for those who can’t attend. These webinars will last between an hour and an hour and a half.

4. What are the Topics for each Module?

Module topics are as follows:

Module 1: Separation vs. Connection

Module 2: Principles and Practices

Module 3: Implementation

5. Who is this appropriate for?

This class is fundamentally designed to benefit anyone. However, we’ve identified three primary types of people who could benefit the most:

  • Those involved in the education, health and healing professions looking to empower their work;

  • Environmental leaders and activists seeking to expand their resources to optimize their impact and effectiveness

  • Individuals seeking strategies to improve their psychological health and well-being
6. How Long/Timing?

Each group session lasts at most an hour. We set aside 60 minutes to be together; people are welcome to attend for all or part of the time.

7. Are modules recorded; do I need to attend live?

Everybody who registers for each coaching session will receive a copy of the webinar, even if you weren’t able to attend live.

8. What’s the Cost; is there a scholarship?

We are currently offering an early registration-through April 19th- for only $39. The standard price for this course is $47.

Additionally, we are aware that these times are financially stressful for many people and any extra expense may be burdensome, even with our early registration pricing. Consequently, we are offering generous scholarships. We believe strongly in the importance and value of this material and want it accessible to anyone who really wants to participate. Consequently, please send us an email and we will work something out.