Ecopsychological Inspiration & Practices: Living with Loss

How do we live with loss?

Loss is all around us in so many forms. What is happening climate change is a big part of this. In the video below, Dennis describes the presence and inevitability of facing loss as someone who is trying to show up fully in the world. By consciously engaging suffering and struggle, not running from heartache or difficulties, we are better able to take action in the world.

EcoPysch Inspiration Practices

1. Ponder your relationship with grief, loss, and death. Considering how painful these experiences are, what are healthy and positive qualities of your processing and relationships with them? What doesn’t serve you about your coping; what can you learn, what practices can you create to support you moving forward?

2. Pay attention for small examples of loss that happen in nature around you (ex.a flower dying, a spider trapping a fly, etc). As you watch, notice how it feels in your body; observe the movements of your mind about this. Choose to be aware of and open to whatever comes up without judgment. Before ending the exercise, reflect on what that was like and how you feel after. Do you feel more present, connected, humble, open-hearted, grateful?

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