Humility and Leadership

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on humility. It’s come up in a number of contexts in my life recently. For example, I lost part of my voice and haven’t gotten it back. I have no idea what that’s about. Not to mention, for over a week, we didn’t have access to email and parts of our website. (Fortunately, that’s fixed now.) Both of these examples reminded me of the limits of control and the power of surrender. To let go and to be humbled.

I embrace this because I know that humility is an eco-psychological quality that we do well to embrace. Humility emerges naturally when we live close to our planet that includes the beauty, complexity, and interdependence of all of this wide web of earth that we share – and the power and the ferocity that our planet possesses as well. I was reminded of this recently during a big snowstorm with huge, powerful winds. I was so humbled at the potency and the force existing in the energies of our planet.

I’ve also reflected on humility with the recent death of Thich Nhat Hanh. Who was such an incredible Buddhist teacher, as well as an ecospiritual teacher. He modeled humility in everything that he did in selflessness, generosity and service. It was a wonderful example that he left and hopefully we are all better for it.

Thich Nhat Hanh modeled a unique type of leadership that we need more of. One that is not so ego-driven, that’s not about selfishness, judgments and just getting what we want. His leadership was about being in service to life, being humble, and seeing how we can be helpful to others. This theme of leadership feels particularly resonant because our upcoming Fireside Chat program is on the theme of the Nature of Leadership.

For those who aren’t familiar, our Fireside Chat program is a monthly free offering that we have for anyone to join us as we engage in a subject of Ecopsychology. You’re welcome to register and ask any questions by sending us an email.

Either way, I hope you embrace humility, whether you’re inspired by wonderful teachers like Thich Nhat Hanh and the planet that we’re a part of, or perhaps it’s life circumstances that are bringing you to your knees, requiring you to surrender and let go in one way or another.

When we embrace humility our lives are enriched. We have more gratitude and respect. We invite in reverence. We see more beauty. We feel more participatory in this world that we’re a part of. As we show up more humbly, we model a lot of what the world needs.

A lot of the change and healing start with humility. So may we all be more humble. May we all remember nature knows the way.

EcoPsychological Practice
Consider what are qualities of nature that inspire the way you lead? Choose one. Where in your life, your home, the workplace or community can you bring in more of this eco-conscious leadership quality?

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