Fireside Chats

Education, Meaningful Engagement and Community

Recreate the deepening and connection we’d ideally be sharing in person around a fire.


Gather around to engage in various subjects of ecopsychology.
Build community and learn from others and ecopsychology practitioners.
Explore ecopsychological themes like leadership and emergence, climate psychology, psychological biomimicry.
Discuss how we can apply this wisdom to our personal and professional lives, and communities.

My experiences sitting around a fire – whether a wood stove in the winter or bonfire in the fall – often invite me into a more conscious and considerate place within myself. I am more in touch with myself and others, better able to listen, contemplate and share. We hope to do the same with our Fireside Chats and hope you’ll join as we warm our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits.

This new series of free, monthly programs will invite our community to gather around to engage in various subjects of ecopsychology. We will explore ecopsychological themes like leadership and emergence, climate psychology, psychological biomimicry, and how we can apply this wisdom not just to our personal lives, but to our communities, organizations and businesses as well.

Fires invite us to gather around and gather close. Bringing people together and providing warmth is part of the catalyst it provides for so many wonderful conversations and reflections. It can nudge us to slow down, becoming more connected and contemplative. Fire is symbolic of transformation, and the experience of being near a fire has often been the context for very poignant and transformative experiences.
In addition to stimulating and informative conversations, we also seek to recreate the meaningful connections that happen around the fire. These Fireside Chats are structured to promote education, meaningful engagement and community. You can expect shorter talks on some areas of ecopsychology, small group conversations, larger discussion, Q& A, and opportunities for sharing.
A free, monthly, online program offered to the Ecopsychology Initiative community
Upcoming Fireside Chat
“Green Mental Health” on Tuesday, Jan. 31st, at 8:00pm ET
Past Fireside Chats:
1.Psychological Biomimicry; 2.Natural Metaphors; 3.Ego vs. Eco-Consciousness; 4.Regenerative Psychology; 5.Life as an Ecosystem; 6.Nature of Leadership; 7.Climate Communications; 8.What’s Your Healthy Climate Psychology?; 9.Living with Loss; 10.Initiations & Rites of Passage; 11. Organizations As Ecosystems; 12.Culture From An Ecopsychological Perspective

Educational. Engaging. Empowering.

About The Instructor:

Dennis Kiley is the founder of the EcoPsychology Initiative (EPI), where he teaches, consults, and offers trainings. This work is informed by his background as a psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher, outdoor educator, consultant and group facilitator. He finds inspiration from nature to educate and empower thriving for people and the planet. Dennis lives on the coast of Maine with his family, surrounded by the mountains, woods and waters of Acadia National Park. Dennis is one of the founders and ongoing executive committee board member of A Climate To Thrive, an organization committed to making all of Mount Desert Island energy independent by 2030.
“I highly recommend the work of Dennis Kiley and EcoPsychology Initiative! I took a training recently on climate stress and eco-grief, and it was exceptional.” -Pegi Eyers
“Dennis, thanks for an informative, inspiring class. Your facilitation style creates a warm, supportive platform for authentic sharing. Your gifts are honored and appreciated.” -Patty Gomez-Gillard

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Read below for FAQs.

Fireside Chats FAQs

1. What is “Fireside Chats”?

Fireside Chats is an online, free, hour-long program Ecopsychology Initiative is offering to our community. Every month we will connect around some core topic of ecopsychology. This will be a chance for deeper learning and engagement around the many diverse applications and principles of ecopsychology, both individually and communally.

2. What’s the structure and format?

Each Fireside Chat will have a pre-determined subject. For approximately the first 20-30 minutes, Dennis will either speak or have a conversation with another practitioner of ecopsychology.

These “presentations” are designed to be engaging, educational and empowering. Afterward, there will be time for further conversation with each other and Dennis/co-host. Depending on the size of the group, this may include small groups. This open time is an opportunity for participants to ask questions, and share experiences or ideas.

2. Who is this ideal for?

This program is ideal for two primary groups of people.

1) Those who are interested in ecopsychology and its many practical applications will really enjoy this. Our Fireside Chats dive into how ecopsychology can be both a lens for understanding and map for action on both individual and collective levels. Whether you’re interested in healing and resilience or growth and regeneration, our programming can speak to you.

2) Those who are interested in fostering greater connection and community will enjoy our format. We prioritize shared learning as well as heartfelt, meaningful and in-depth relating with each other.

3. Is there a cost?

These monthly events are free.

They are an offering to our community, fulfilling our desire to share the timeless breadth and depth of ecopsychology while also fostering meaningful connections around this emergent field.

The subject matter and curriculum will continually change. We aim to cover a diverse spectrum of topics, including core EPI content as well as the expertise within our community. We also welcome you to share your requests for particular subject areas you’re interested in, as we are continually seeking to meet your interests and desires.

Though the curriculum still isn’t finalized, we anticipate covering the following topics in our first six months:

Life as an Ecosystem; Psychological Biomimicry; Climate Psychology; Leadership; The Art of Change; Ecotherapy

5. What are the dates/times?

Fireside chats will occur for 1 hour on the weekend or on weekday evenings.

We hope you’ll join us! Sign up today: info@ecopsychologyinitiative.com

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