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Finding Professional Purpose and Passion with Nature

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on reciprocity – that beautiful exchange where giving and receiving happens simultaneously, and both parties benefit. This certainly takes place a great deal on our planet and ecologically. But we also know that we as humans thrive when there’s reciprocity in our actions and in our relationships, both with ourselves, other people in the wider world.

I’ve also been reflecting on where I experience reciprocity, and one of the places that comes up is with the programs that we offer at EPI.

I’m continually trying to share resources and practices and reflections and ideas, and at the same time, I’m receiving so much as well. I’m communicating with you, I’m learning, I’m listening. I’m taking in your experiences, interactions, ideas and passions; and I get so much out of it. This is also very true with our Ecotherapy Training, where I teach and offer resources, but I also get to witness the lightbulb go on for participants when they get excited about the opportunities for integrating Ecotherapy into their work lives. Through our training, they come away with the confidence and the capacity that helps them feel more empowered and ready to do this work in the world.

There is an enthusiasm when people realize that they can truly personalize the material and uniquely make the learnings theirs. I’m fortunate to be able to witness and support the process. I get excited for them in part because I know what that’s like. I know how much I love taking people out into nature and facilitating transformative and therapeutic experiences that benefit wellbeing and mental health. 

It sparked something in me that I know well in doing and the privilege and humility of supporting others as they realize that they can find professional passion and purpose with nature and how wonderful that is. It’s one of the reasons that I’m especially excited about our upcoming Ecotherapy program. I get to again be in this reciprocal relationship with participants, and it’s not just a win-win, but a win-win, win-win. On the one hand, I get so much out of if, I know the participants really do as well, and feel their excitement to be doing the work and confidence and capacity, as I mentioned.

Then there are also the clients and the students that I know will be benefiting from this. There’s so much research about nature’s benefits. When clients, students, and anyone for that matter, get supported in going outside and having meaningful experiences, so much benefit transpires.

The other win is for our planet, because the more people have experiences with nature directly or indirectly, it benefits them and invites them into deeper relationship with the planet. And all therein: a more reciprocal relationship. Everyone benefits as a result of coming into closer connection with the natural world.

So, if this sounds interesting and you’re curious about how to incorporate more of nature into your work, I hope you’ll check out our Ecotherapy Training and/or Fireside Chat on Tuesday, which is devoted to this subject, “Finding Professional Purpose and Passion With Nature.” It’s an opportunity to bring people together to listen and share about the different ways that nature can be incorporated into people’s work. I will be offering from my personal experience. Having offered the Ecotherapy Training twice before, I’ve gotten to stay in close contact with a lot of past participants and also get to share with you some of the things that they’re up to, which is really exciting and diverse. 

There are so many ways to apply Ecotherapy. This Fireside Chat is also an invitation for any of you who are applying Ecotherapy, whether you’re a longtime practitioner or just getting started, to share the different ways that you’re doing this and how it’s going. This way, those who maybe haven’t done this but are curious can get inspired with ideas and possibilities to incorporate Ecotherapy into their work.

Again, I hope this sounds like something that’s interesting to you, and either way, I hope in your life you pay more attention to reciprocity and how can you nurture this, both in terms of what you’re giving and putting forth into the world, but also what you’re taking in and receiving.

With nature is the very best way we can practice and experience this. As always, Nature knows the way. 

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Ecopsycholgical Fireside Chat Sign Up. Education, Meaningful Engagement and Community. Upcoming Fireside Chat: “Finding Professional Purpose and Passion with Nature”, Tuesday, Mar. 14th at 8:00pm ET

Ecotherapy Training: Harness The Therapeutic Power of NatureDiscover how best to integrate nature into your work.
Begins Spring 2023, Sign up before March 24th.

Ecotherapy Training: Harness The Therapeutic Power of NatureDiscover how best to integrate nature into your work.

As part of your registration, you’ll receive a One-on-One Coaching/Mentoring Session with Dennis, customized to your needs, challenges and goals and a Certificate upon completion.
Registration Closes March 24th

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