Climate Stress and Psychology Group Coaching

October 29th, 8:00-9:30 pm EST

One of the least visible and potentially most dangerous outcomes of the ongoing climate crisis is the cultivation of loneliness, hopelessness and disempowerment. With all the bleak news about the environment in the media it’s understandable the feelings that many have. However, it’s crucially important if we are to really address the climate crisis that we come together to foster agency, insight, inspiration and strategies for success.

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These group coaching meetings are a chance to come together to learn, share and connect with other people passionate about addressing climate change. Each meeting is an opportunity to feel empowered with psychological ideas and strategies you can bring to your life, work and communities for greater impact.

Each group coaching session will have a different theme we explore together, as well as opportunities for open questions and sharing. Facilitated by Dennis Kiley-president of the EcoPsychology Initiative (EPI) and teacher of EPI’s “Climate Stress and Psychology” class-these group coaching meetings are akin to Mastermind Groups. The time together will draw upon the shared wisdom and experience of those in attendance. Everyone can bring their questions and concerns as well as their ideas and experiences. Collectively, we venture into the depths of what is psychologically beneficial and counterproductive for our work of engaging climate change.

In addition to strategies for better engagement with our work, these meetings will also offer the chance to process our personal feelings around what is happening to the planet. Our emotions play a very big role in how we engage with others and feel about our life and work. By working through these positive and constructively, the benefits are immeasurable including reducing burnout, stress and fear as well as increases in happiness, love and calm.

Our program will uplift you with a sense of capacity and possibility. Coming together with like-minded peers you’ll be empowered to bring about the changes you’re wanting to see in your own life, your communities and the planet.

Upcoming Session: Staying In The Heart

Tuesday, October 29th, 8:00 pm EST

It is important that we find ways to positively and proactively address our emotional climate experiences so as to find our own healing, and also be open and engaged moving forward to bring about the climate actions we need.

This Group Coaching session will be devoted to supporting people doing this. We will welcome people to share their experiences, and then explore the most (and least) effective ways to process our feelings so that our hearts feel more open, light and engaged.

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Read below for FAQs.

EPI Group Coaching Climate Psychology FAQ

1. Why Climate Psychology?

Arguably, no other issue so directly affects the health, safety and livelihoods of all beings on the planet like climate change. The globe is already suffering debilitating impacts because of climate change, and outlooks for the future are grim. Unlike ever before, we need collective engagement that is healthy, supportive, sustainable and productive. Unfortunately, the psychological issues of climate change make this mass coming together difficult. It is time we come together to consciously apply psychologically to making this movement as impactful as possible.

2. What can I expect to get out of this, what’s the value to me?

This is a unique opportunity to come together with like-minded peers, colleagues and kindred spirits to connect, share and learn together. You will have opportunities to:

Process in a healthy and positive way your experiences-feelings, emotions, etc-related to climate change. You will also be able to reciprocate this support for others.

Discover constructive ideas, practices, principles and strategies to empower you psychologically and practically related to climate change.

Feel a sense of inspiration, belonging and boundary-less community with other people who care passionately about our planet.

3. What is the Structure of the Time?

There is a loose structure for each Group Coaching session. Each meeting will have a general theme (for more information on these, read below) that will guide the beginning of conversations. Dennis Kiley, the facilitator, will offer questions, ideas and topics for people to consider pertinent to the theme. Group conversation and dialogue will be actively encouraged to foster greater learning and processing. Participants are encouraged to share their questions, ideas, experiences and reflections. This will enable people to come to find their own answers and insights while also learning from each other.

In addition to exploring a theme each session, there will also be opportunities for participants to bring up other subjects and topics they want to address. This will ensure that the group collectively addresses the subjects that are most pertinent and pressing for everyone in attendance.
Unlike EPI’s classes, trainings and consultations, these meetings will not include a lot of teaching. Dennis will share and participate, but most of the focus is bringing people together to learn from each other. The time together will be structured to foster personal and group learning.

4. What are the Themes For each Session?

All are welcome to join any or all sessions:
Session 1: Taking Action
Session 2: Staying in the Heart
Session 3: Fostering Resilience
Session 4: Engage Better

5. Who is this appropriate for?

These Group Coaching sessions are appropriate for the following types of people:

Interested in connecting more with other people about fostering health for the planet.

Passionate about addressing climate change positively and proactively.

Capable of listening and supporting others whose opinions and experiences might be different from you.

Willing to share your experiences and insights with the intention of fostering shared learning and coming together.

These gatherings are probably not suitable for those who:

Are wanting to talk about best climate policy, etc. We are gathering to talk about what psychologically is necessary to foster positive outcomes, not deciding what are the best outcomes to take.

Seek to direct conversation towards blaming, shaming and being critical.

Pursue fixed points, agendas or ideas.

6. How Long/Timing?

Each group session lasts at most an hour. We set aside 60 minutes to be together; people are welcome to attend for all or part of the time.

7. Are they recorded; can I get a copy even if I don’t attend?

Everybody who registers for each coaching session will receive a copy of the webinar, even if you weren’t able to attend live.

8. What’s the Cost; is there a scholarship?

As an introductory offer, we’re only charging $10 for your first group coaching session. If money is really stressful and you’d still really like to attend, you can speak to us about our donation and sliding scale pay opportunities..