Climate Psychology Training:

A Tool Kit for the Inner and Outer Work of Climate Change

Empowering you with ecopsychological resources for resilience and healing, leadership and change

Learn strategies for being a change-maker in the face of climate change’s fundamental psychological challenges
Cultivate emotional resilience and healing with proven principles and practices
Heighten your climate impact and leadership by improving your skills in communication, planning and engagement

With all the bleak news about the environment, the many feelings people are having are understandable. However, it’s crucially important that we engage these constructively if we are to really address the climate crisis and corresponding psychological impacts. If we do, the benefits are immeasurable, including reducing anxiety, stress and distress. We also increase our resilience and capacity to engage climate action more effectively and open-heartedly.

This training will provide you with an adaptable and diverse psychological tool kit to answer various climate questions of why is this happening, what to do about mental health, and how best to communicate, engage, and strategize.

The psychology of climate change is like a complex web. It ranges from root causes and emotional impacts to difficulties planning and organizing, sustaining engagement and avoiding burnout. This training is designed to be an uplifting and empowering remedy for these challenges. In accessible ways, this training delivers a comprehensive curriculum that draws upon current knowledge from various fields of psychology including: counseling, leadership, climate, resilience, and psychological biomimicry. You will receive simple insights, practices and strategies that you can apply to your inner and outer environments for healing, resilience and change.
To accommodate your unique schedule and promote the power of shared learning and community, this course is self-guided with opportunities for live participation. Pre-recorded, downloadable lectures will be sent out to engage at your own pace. Additionally, there will be optional live webinars with group discussion, Q&A and reflections. Webinars are a chance to deepen our connections and learning with each other, creating a supportive community where we learn, grow and practice. You will also receive class resources, including readings and practices, to deepen your learning.
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As part of your registration, you’ll receive a One-on-One Coaching/Mentoring Session with Dennis, customized to your needs, challenges and goals and a Certificate upon completion. (Scholarships Available)

Engaging. Empowering. Experiential.

The time is now – for action, leadership and change. Learn the psychology behind what is happening and what you can do to be part of healing and solutions at the heart of climate change.

“I have participated in two interactive webinar learning experiences hosted by Dennis and EPI. I am loving the community that has been and is generated by such experiences, as well as Dennis’ generosity, wisdom and gentleness in his style of teaching/sharing. The Learning Modules are great value and accessible for people from all walks of life with an interest in applying nature’s wisdom to our lives. I have walked away more enriched both personally and professionally, with lots of ideas on how to apply the ideas to my social work and counselling practice. Join up, get on line, and be part of the conversation, for the benefit of people and the planet!” -Lucy Vam Sambeek, Eco-therapist
“I took part in the Climate Stress and Psychology course. I found it invaluable in providing me with tools to start trying to come to terms with the climate crisis. I have experienced eco-anxiety and this class helped me to feel more self-assured in my own decisions about how I want to contribute and what feels right. I also think it made me really think about nature and my relationship with it. I definitely treasure and notice nature more than I have done in the past. I can’t say the eco-anxiety has completely gone away but I do feel largely better able to cope and I also found connecting with activists around the world incredibly interesting and inspiring. Thank you, Dennis!” -Mel Stiles
“Dennis’ presentation received rave reviews. For me, the most important aspect of Dennis Kiley’s teaching is communicating the framework or worldview from which his healing message emanates. The term “paradigm shift” aptly describes Dennis’ work. Mr. Kiley is trumpeting the interconnectedness of all living things and Earth’s life systems. This new vision of the universe is the needed antidote to help us diverge from our current destructive planetary trajectory. I heartily recommend becoming acquainted with Dennis Kiley’s teachings. -Tony Ferrara, Coordinator, Climate Convergence Conference
In a world as unpredictable as the weather, Dennis creates a space for grounding, trust and innovation. His collaborative leadership approach is empowering to many of us who feel discouraged in our own roles as leaders. Drawing on the steadiness and adaptability of nature, Dennis has inspired and empowered me toward important growth as an individual and in my work as an educator and director, and has given me tools to continue this work for myself and for the people I reach amidst a changing environment. A harmonious and healthy world would have more people like Dennis in it. -Christina Spurling, Educator

Too often the environmental movement has been ineffective while increasing the burnout, apathy and resignation-

This training is the antidote to that.

About The Instructor:

Dennis Kiley is the founder of the EcoPsychology Initiative (EPI), where he teaches, consults, and offers trainings. This work is informed by his background as a psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher, outdoor educator, consultant and group facilitator. He finds inspiration from nature to educate and empower thriving for people and the planet. Dennis lives on the coast of Maine with his family, surrounded by the mountains, woods and waters of Acadia National Park. Dennis is one of the founders of A Climate To Thrive, an organization committed to making all of Mount Desert Island energy independent by 2030.


Module 1:
The Roots: Why psychologically we are in this mess

Module 2:
The Emotional Impacts

Module 3:
Cultivating Resilience/A New Way Forward: Taking Care of Ourselves

Module 4:
Better Planning and Strategy

Module 5:
Communication is Key

Module 6:
The Seeds of Leadership; Be a Change-Maker

Module 7:
The Spiritual Path of Climate Engagement

BONUS Module 8 (Guest Teacher):
The Most Important Actions You Can Take

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Experiential. Educational. Engaging.
Includes Full 7-Module Training + Bonus

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FAQs and Scholarship Opportunities

1. Why Climate Psychology Training?

Despite all the injustices and inequalities in the world, there may not be a more important issue to address than climate change. If we don’t sufficiently change course, wide scale calamity and catastrophe are unavoidable. To optimize climate action and impact, we must draw on psychology. It will help us only improve communication and engagement, organizing and strategy; furthermore, it can also help us better understand the inherent psychological challenges in the roots and effects of climate change. Finally, psychology is necessary for addressing the mental health impacts that are already happening and those on the horizon. This course will empower people to address all of these with a diverse and adaptable Tool Kit that can be used to generate healing and resilience, change and leadership.


2. What can I expect to get out of this, what’s the value to me?

This training’s focus is accessible and practical for a wide range of people, and the curriculum is comprehensive and immersive. Among other benefits, you will receive the following:

Climate psychology tool kit designed to address the inner and outer work of climate change. This includes specific strategies, skills, practices and principles rooted in current knowledge from psychology

Leadership focus includes: communication, organizing, planning, and engagement

Healing and Resilient focus includes: anxiety, sadness, stress, grief, anger, overwhelm, outrage, guilt and apathy

7 Modules, each with an extensive lecture, accompanying notes, resources, optional practices and reflections. The information is integrated from diverse fields of psychology including: resilience, leadership, organizational, climate and counseling

7 Live, interactive webinars with engaged and passionate climate citizens from across the globe

Experience of community, connection and shared-learning with fellow participants and peers in the field.

1-on-1 consultation with Dennis to personalize the material and optimize your learning

Certificate upon training completion and mentoring session with Dennis

5. Who is this suited for?

This training offers something for a wide variety of people:

  • People feeling emotionally and mentally impacted by what is and might happen to our planet, and desiring  to cultivate greater resilience and healing
  • Individuals seeking to enhance and optimize their climate contributions
  • Current climate leaders who want to make even more of a difference
  • Colleagues and friends wanting to better support others who are psychologically affected by our climate crisis
4. What are the Topics for each Module?

Module 1: The Roots: Why Psychologically We Are in This Mess

Module 2: The Emotional Impacts

Module 3: Cultivating Resilience/A New Way Forward: Taking Care of Ourselves

Module 4: Better Planning and Strategy

Module 5: Communication is Key

Module 6: The Seeds of Leadership; Be a Change-Maker

Module 7: The Spiritual Path of Climate Engagement

BONUS Module 8 (Guest Speaker): The Most Important Actions You Can Take

All content is available on our online platform so you’re able to engage at the pace and depth that works for you. There is also no time limit for accessing these resources so you can keep them with you in the future.

6. How Long/Timing?

Each recorded live webinar lasts, at most, two hours.

7. Are modules recorded; do I need to attend live?

Everybody who registers will receive a copy of the live sessions, even if you weren’t able to attend live.

8. What’s the Cost; is there a scholarship?

Talk with us about current discounted pricing.

Scholarship is definitely available. We want to make this important and meaningful material available to everyone regardless of financial circumstances. Reach out to us and we will try to work something out.

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Experiential. Educational. Engaging.
Includes Full 7-Module Training + Bonus

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