The EcoPsychology Initiative offers classes, workshops, retreats and speaking engagements designed to foster healing and regeneration for individuals and organizations and the world around them.

Change your world, within and around you.

Our large and diverse array of ecopsychological programming is enriching and experiential, engaging mind, body, heart, and spirit. All of our programs deliver you practical insights, strategies and reflections to bring about tangible and immediate benefits to your life. We offer these services in-person and online, privately customized and open to anyone. These classes and trainings are developed with a commitment to not only inspire and catalyze transformation, but also deepen connection to your self, others and the planet.

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Discover how best to integrate nature into your work.

Ecotherapy Training: Harness The Therapeutic Power of Nature

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EPI programming:

Ecotherapy, Nature-Inspired Spirituality, Climate Psychology, Leadership and Activism, Psychological Biomimicry, Organizational Leadership, Culture and Development.

For more information about EPI’s Core Curriculum please click here.

Recent Classes:

  • Mending The Divides: Healing for People and The Planet
  • Ten Principles for Transformative Impact: An EcoPsychological Guide
  • Climate Stress and Psychology Group Coaching
  • Nature-Inspired Spirituality: Timeless Wisdom For Present Times
  • Deep Roots For Big Storms: An Ecopsychological Guide For Growing Resilient
  • Ecotherapy Training: Activate the Therapeutic Power of Nature
  • “Nature Knows The Way”: Psychological Biomimicry Training
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The schedule of our programming is always changing and expanding. To be aware of these offerings, join our newsletter, contact us, or visit here for what is currently being offered.

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