Ecopsychological Inspiration & Practices: Addressing Humanity’s Misguided Ways

In the video below, Dennis shares the story of a male junco bird repeatedly pecking his windows. In an effort to better understand and help the bird, he sees parallels to humanity’s struggles.

Like the junco, for reasons that often seem understandable, the behaviors of our society are often only making issues worse, like climate change. Dennis sees similarities between the possible reasons for the junco’s behavior – 1. Infatuated with its image 2. Fighting off a perceived foe – and the sources of our planet’s struggles.

EcoPysch Inspiration Practices

When you find yourself in places of tension and conflict with others:

  1. Reflect if one’s self-image or ego is getting involved
  2. Notice any tendency to “other” or objectify the other person. Instead of this, consider how the other person or their upsetting behavior may reflect some part of yourself you’re not in touch with.

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