Active Hope and Gratitude

We must remember to celebrate and give thanks for this extraordinary planet we live on. May we each take the time, every day, to love and appreciate our Earth, upon which our lives exist and depend and we easily take for granted.

Please consider, however, that gratitude and love aren’t passive practices, occasional rememberings or outcomes we stumble upon. Gratitude and love are choices, they’re active and assertive, and require continual attention and intention.

Furthermore, real love and gratitude are the foundation for our actions: they’re the purchases we make, how we’re in relationship, spend our time, make decisions and what we choose to focus on. Climate change and Covid-19 are both pointing to needs to radically transform our society. The basis of these changes is valuing people over profits, citizens over corporations, quality over quantity.

Gratitude and love are the catalysts for the change in consciousness we need.

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