About EPI

Founded by Dennis Kiley, EPI has a team experienced in supporting individuals, leading groups and classes, working with communities and running businesses and nonprofits. This extensive background enables us to uniquely cater to your specific goals and needs.

The mission of the EcoPsychology Initiative (EPI) is to cultivate healing and regeneration for people and the planet. In the world and times we live in, nothing less will do.

Unlocking our potential.

Here at the EcoPsychology Initiative, we know that implementing nature’s teachings holds the key for healing our most pressing environmental, economic, personal and social problems. We also know the power of psychologically adopting ecological principles into the ways we organize, engage and lead unlocks our potential as individuals, people and the planet.

Real people.

Real results.

Ecopsychological Programming.

EPI helps individuals and organizations cultivate healing and regeneration, solve problems and realize potential, by applying the principles of psychology and nature through our unique ecopsychological programming. Our unique ecopsychological programming is offered online and in person, open to anyone and privately customized. Click here to learn more.
Disciplines like biomimicry, ecological design, forest bathing and ecotherapy are continually demonstrating how effective nature is for healing and thriving. We combine these insights and strategies into a comprehensive approach that includes individual psychology, systems theory, leadership, and organizational development. We offer both public and private classes, consultations and trainings to individuals and organizations. As an expression of our commitment to serving the earth, we give 1% of profits to environmental projects and organizations.

Do well for yourself. Do well for the planet.

It is a false notion that humans and the environment cannot thrive together. We show you how to do well for yourself. We show you how to do well for the planet.