A Blessing for All Children

Guest Submission, by John Craigo

Recently two of my dearest friends celebrated the birth of a son, their second child. His older sister is a true delight and a genuine child of the Earth in every way. I wanted to give something that reflected my love for this family as well as my wishes for his future. I would like to share this blessing with all the children born into these days of turmoil and uncertainty.

“Welcome to the dance, young man. You’ve come to us at a most auspicious time, into a world at the crossroads of change. Most certainly, you’ll be part of an incredible future, never seen before.

You’ve chosen your parents wisely, in fact I’m not sure you could have done better. Love will never be in short supply. As for a big sister, she’s truly the best. She will adore you, mentor you, torment you, challenge you, and be the rock upon whom you can always depend.

May you know the awe and wonder of the stars, sun, and moon, the perfume of the blossoms, the sweetness of the fruits that sustain us. May you know the true kinship of our brothers and sisters of fin, fur, and feather whose stories will delight and bring meaning to your days. May you listen to the wise voices of the trees who have seen so much and have so much to share. May you come to love the mother of us all upon whom we walk and who breathes life into all corners in so many wondrous forms.

The earth has been waiting for you. Dive in and swim in her waters and climb her tall peaks, give thanks every day for her beauty and bounty, and always be humble, grateful, and kind. Go bravely and others will follow, your future is calling.”

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