Increase Thriving.

Increase Impact.

The EcoPsychology Initiative (EPI) works with individuals and organizations to heal problems and cultivate healthy change by applying the principles of psychology and nature. We generate thriving for people and the planet by nurturing resilience, growth and leadership.

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Unearth an ecopsychological tool kit for applying nature’s most important principles and teachings.

“Nature Knows The Way”: Psychological Biomimicry Training

Applying the principles of nature and psychology to cultivate healing and regenerative solutions.

Positive change occurs when the earth’s most impactful principles, combined with what psychology teaches us about human growth, are systemically applied to how we organize, engage and lead. EPI provides these cutting edge ecopsychological services, achieving individual, collective and planetary healing and regeneration.

For a list of our programming and Core Content please click here:

Ecopsychology Initiative Core Curriculum


EPI provides classes, consultations and trainings for individuals and organizations. We offer these online and in person, open to the public and privately tailored. From leadership, organizational development and climate psychology to personal growth, therapeutic healing and spirituality, we offer diverse programming to meet your needs. Our ecopsychological services will help you assess where you are, design solutions for where you want to be, and empower you to implement the changes to get there. The result is positive impact, growth and leadership, for you and the planet.

Do well for yourself. Do well for the planet.

In a world of historic opportunities and challenges, we can do better and more as a people and a planet. If you are interested in learning how nature and psychology can come together to form a comprehensive approach to optimize your personal life, community impact, workplace influence and planetary participation, you’re in the right place.